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Lay It All Out

The first creative meeting is the beginning of the process for planning services and events at your church. Pick the right voices to be a part of those meetings, and focus on creating a team atmosphere. Start with a clear vision and invite diverse views. Everyone on your team will have an opinion, so craft a space for raw debate. The point that cannot be stressed enough is to involve the Holy Spirit in your planning meetings.

Select the Right Team Members
Your first step in a creative meeting is to choose those who will participate. Choose a group of people who will have diverse perspectives and ideas. Whether it’s volunteers, interns, or other staff members, the goal is to gather a group that brings excitement, vision, and new ideas.
  • Have a diverse team composition.
  • Excitement and vision spark ideas, these are key to creativity.

Foster Collaboration and Openness
Welcoming and considering all ideas is crucial. However, it’s important to communicate that while everyone has a voice, not everyone has final say. This understanding should encourage participation. You shouldn’t be attached to the outcome, but rather the process of healthy debate and collective decision-making.
  • Encourage openness to all ideas while also managing expectations.
  • Debate is important, when done constructively.

Communicate Vision and Statistics
Starting your meeting with a reminder of past successes is motivating. It can also be motivating to remind the group of the impact your services have had on people’s live. Use past statistics or stories about baptisms to set a positive tone for the meeting.
  • Use past successes to inspire and motivate the team.
  • Statistics have a big impact, they help communicate the service’s potential.

Involve the Holy Spirit in Planning
The guidance of the Holy Spirit ensures that your team’s work matches your church’s mission and vision. Worship and prayer should be key parts of your planning stages to help seek direction for your service or event. This also helps foster unity among your team.
  • Spiritual guidance is significant in creative planning.
  • Worship and prayer are foundational.


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