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Clear Service Planning

Explore how to maximize left-hand features in Planning Center Online (PCO). Learn about 'Times', 'Teams', 'Files', and 'Notes' sections. They streamline communication, clarify expectations, and enhance service planning efficiency.

Times For Everything
Setting exact times for services, rehearsals, and call times in PCO helps avoid scheduling questions. Reminders for these events keep everyone informed and ready for Sunday morning.

Teams For Organization
Define the roles in your team such as FOH engineer, producer, or lighting designer for example. It’s crucial for organizing your team effectively. This helps keep everyone on the same page for who’s doing what each weekend.

Files For Team Resources
Upload and share vital documents and media. Utilize files for sharing stage layouts, videos, or messages of encouragement for your team.

Notes For Clarity
Detailed notes in PCO provide specific instructions for different service elements. For example, if you have certain music cues for your band or house light levels during prayer moments, this is the way to communicate those details to your team.