Service Planning 101

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Service Planning can be as simple or as complex as you make it out to be. Whether you’re a ministry leader or volunteer, you know the struggles of ineffective communication, poor resourcing, and disunity. The aim is to resolve those issues with practical steps and information that ensures smooth execution of church services and events. The focus is on working together, and being spiritually ready.

Strategic Planning for Your Services
Dive into the basics of strategic planning. Focus on setting clear goals for your service that align with your church’s mission and vision. Ensure that every team member knows their role in the success of your services.

Effective Communication for Your Team
Better communication improves nearly every aspect of your services. When your team is informed and feels like they’re a part of the collaboration process, they become bought in and better prepared. Keep all teams aligned and informed, whether it’s production and worship or even kids ministry.

The Rehearsal Process
Rehearsals aren’t your time to practice. Rehearsals should be a time that is efficient and meaningful to get your entire team on the same page for a cohesive service. Rehearsals help ensure all parts of the event are polished and ready to be executed well.

Pre-Event Preparation and Huddle
Pre-service huddles help align, inspire, and motivate your team. Unfortunately, they’re often overlooked. Learn how to use this time for practical preparation as well as spiritual preparation before your service starts.

Practical Communication and Collaboration
Improve communication between members of your team, whether they’re on platform or off. Share information and updates proactively, better equipping your team to serve. Communication helps prevent misunderstandings.