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Communicate with Other Ministries

It’s often easy to overlook other ministries in your church when you’re in the heat of the moment during a service. The fact of the matter is that communication with other ministries is vital to the overall success of your Sunday morning. Fostering a clear, collaborative environment helps keep everyone on the same page. Good communication is critical for the health of the church community. Everything from your service going over time by a few minutes, to the content of the message and what impact it will have on the congregation, is vital to communicate across the board.

‘Silos’ in Ministry
Ministry can be dividing in a lot of ways. The idea that “they’re in the kids ministry” and “they’re in the worship ministry” is ultimately dividing your team more than you realize. This can cause a lack of understanding among teams. This issue affects how services are done because the fact of the matter is that no team works alone. The church’s mission needs all its parts to succeed.
  • It’s important to break down silos for a cohesive ministry effort.
  • Recognize the interconnectedness of various church teams.

Improve Communication Across the Board
You can utilize specific services like slack, or simple services like text messages, to unify your team and get everyone on the same page. Leaders should share information from each ministry and communicate updates as things play out on Sunday morning. This prevents misunderstandings and last-minute scrambles.
  • Utilize technology and meetings to streamline communication.
  • Share information to keep all teams informed, and be proactive.

Leaders Help Foster Transparency
Leaders play a key role to creating an open and clear environment that sets an example. Ensure that information is shared quickly and well to reduce harm and create unity.
  • Leaders should model open communication and transparency.
  • Encourage team members to share information and ask questions.


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