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Prepared Leadership Course Overview

Jeff Sandstrom and Dillan Howell dive into what it looks like for you to develop a prepared leadership style. They focus on the many aspects of effective leadership and explore the essential skills needed for you to lead in a spiritually enriching and impactful manner. This includes having the ability to balance tasks with people, and to nurture a healthy team culture. This course is tailored to address the unique challenges you face as a church leader, and to help you communicate the ‘why’ behind what we do.

Key Points:
  • In the context of leadership, it is crucial to understand the distinction between vision and mission. You must be adept at adapting to changes in mission while ensuring that these changes remain aligned with your overarching vision.
  • Leadership extends beyond mere titles and authority. It involves focusing on influence rather than relying solely on authority.
  • Spirit-led leadership involves balancing task-oriented responsibilities with a focus on spiritual and personal growth. For you, the significance of self-care and personal development is paramount to your effectiveness in your role.
  • The journey of self-leadership emphasizes the importance of self-auditing, self-awareness, and continuous improvement. It includes adopting practical strategies for self-leadership and personal growth, allowing you to better guide yourself and others.
  • Cultivating and managing team culture is akin to understanding the DNA of a team. This aspect of leadership involves strategies for building a healthy team culture and effectively dealing with fear-based cultures, which are critical for team success.
  • Practical task management and delegation require shifting the focus from individual accomplishments to team-based achievements.
  • People management in leadership involves striking a balance between managing tasks and people. It includes actively building relationships and engaging with team members, which are essential for creating a supportive and productive team environment.

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