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Volunteer Development Course Overview

Dillan Howell and Jeff Sandstrom talk through equipping you as a church leader, whether staff or volunteer, with the necessary knowledge to cultivate a thriving volunteer culture in your church community. Explore the essential elements of volunteer development which include recruiting, training, and retaining your volunteer teams. Dillan and Jeff offer practical strategies, personal insights, and actionable steps to enhance the volunteer experience at your church.

Key Points:
  • Discover innovative strategies for attracting volunteers. Understand the importance of building a culture rooted in relationships and teamwork. Learn how to organize social events and engaging activities for your volunteer teams.
  • Gain insight into the challenges of maintaining volunteer skills. Explore structured training approaches using tools like the MxU platform. Consider pre-training assignments and programs to blend online resource with in-person sessions.
  • Uncover the pivotal role of retention in your volunteer team. Learn how to show genuine appreciation and care for your volunteers. This builds a foundation for long-term engagement. Explore personalized application strategies, the importance of leadership in recognition efforts, and ways to foster a self-sustaining volunteer ecosystem.
  • Dillan and Jeff discuss the role of leadership in volunteer appreciation and the importance of mentoring to expand the ministry‚Äôs reach and impact.

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