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Create a Vision, Manage Details Later

Dillan Howell and Jeff Sandstrom explore what all goes in to planning church events and the numerous steps it takes to get there. They discuss effective brainstorming strategies for you and your team to implement that help foster creativity. Your approach should encourage and embrace all ideas, without limitations. The goal is to be innovative and improve your experiences weekly.

Ideate and Plan
The first step in your creative planning meetings should to begin something new. Welcome all new ideas. This is key, especially for events that happen every year like Easter and Christmas. Your goal should be to present these familiar stories in fresh ways. Think outside the box.
  • Recognize recurring events as opportunities for creativity.
  • Avoid reusing old ideas. Strive for new ones in storytelling.

Zoom Out for a Broader Perspective
Before you can get into the specifics, it’s important to take a step back. The creative process is like a funnel. It moves from a very broad idea to detailed execution. This broader view helps to prevent you from getting caught up in the details too soon. You should let the creative core of the idea fully form and grow.
  • See the process as moving from broad ideas to specific actions.
  • Prioritize creative essence over logistical details, initially.

Foster a Creative Environment
The environment you plan in ultimately effects the level of creativity in the room. A lively, inspiring atmosphere can help ideas flow. Encourage participation and add elements like music to energize your team.
  • Choose a stimulating environment for brainstorming sessions.
  • Use music and engaging settings to enhance creativity.

Celebrate Success and Reflect
After your service or event has ended, it’s important that you celebrate the wins with your team. At the same time, be sure to reflect on the process. This reflection will help your team see the hard work that was put in and provide insights for future services. The goal is for your team to continue to improve and grow.
  • Celebrate the team’s achievements and work post-service.
  • Think about the process to gain insights and make your services better.