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Why Value Production?

Production in church has become essential, but it’s important to make sure what you’re doing aligns with your church’s mission. Balance between improving your services and causing distractions. Use what you have well and don’t always strive for the latest and greatest.

The Importance of Production

In modern church, production has become a non-negotiable part of contemporary worship. It’s omnipresent on social media in various forms which has highlighted it’s role in today’s church environment. It’s hard to walk into a church and not see production. However, it’s essential to focus on enhancing the service rather than distracting from it.
  • Enhancement: Properly utilized production elements can amplify the message and engage your congregation.
  • Distraction: Overuse or bad use of production elements can steal attention from the core message.

Production Needs

It's easy to be influenced by other churches but each church should evaluate its unique context and needs. Align your production efforts with the specific mission of your church. For example, a church focuses on community service. It might prefer functional audiovisual setups over high-end gear. Simplicity is better than show. Simple solutions can help the church's mission more than extravagant ones.

Utilize Resources Wisely

Understanding and utilizing current resources effectively is essential. Churches should strive for excellence in their production efforts without unnecessary expenditure.
  • Resource Stewardship: Use existing equipment to its fullest potential before seeking new technology.
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