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Why Do We Serve?

Todd Elliott, Founder of FILO, and Jeff Sandstrom discuss the importance of serving and why we even do it in the first place. Both spiritually and communally, serving has many benefits. Serving isn’t just about the role you fill in your church, or the role you desire to fill, but rather it’s about community and uplifting the church’s vision and improving your own spiritual growth.

The Importance of Serving

Serving is more than just responding to a call for volunteers from your church’s stage. It’s a key spiritual discipline which promotes spiritual growth and health for the whole church. Serving goes beyond just the task, it can enhance commitment and fulfillment amongst church volunteers.

The Biblical Role of Volunteers

As we see in 1st Corinthians, each member of the church has a unique role - like parts of a body. This underscores the importance of every volunteer’s contribution to the church’s health. Each volunteer brings something unique that supports a well rounded team. It’s about joining in the community through serving, not just filling a hole.

Personal Growth Through Service

Todd and Jeff discuss how serving helps personal spiritual growth much like other spiritual disciplines do. Other disciplines include attending service, tithing, and being a part of a small group. Serving fosters stronger relationships with those around you and with God. Actively serving helps lead to deeper spiritual development.

FILO (First In Last Out) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization built around supporting technical artists who serve the local church, designed to provide skill development, community and inspiration to equip technical artists to become effective contributors to their local church. Learn more and join the community at