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Stage Plots

Effective stage management is incredibly important for your environment, and for your team. The importance of clear communication cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a stage manager, audio engineer, video director, lighting designer, or another position, stage plots are an amazing resource to coordinate your services.

Key Points:
  • A detailed input list serves as a foundational layout for all stage elements. It ensures everything is placed correctly.
  • Communicating to the worship team one by one is ineffective, especially in a high-paced environment like a Sunday morning. A stage plot gives a visual diagram of where each worship team member should be placed. Using it is a more efficient way to communicate.
  • Certain safety aspects are important in stage design. For example, avoiding hazards like lasers and heavy equipment comes into play when developing a service. Stage plots help to communicate this and avoid any issues day-of.
  • Stage plots can be a useful tool for all teams, including video and lighting, serving as a map for the entire production setup. The video director knows where each vocalist will be placed to develop a shot list. The lighting designer knows where each member of the worship team is to ensure everyone is properly lit.