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Master The 80-20 Rule

The need for preparation cannot be overstated. The 80-20 rule from Todd Elliott is a way to prepare for Sunday’s surprises. Doing so leads to smoother services and allows the team to easily adapt to last-minute changes.

The 80/20 Rule

Adopt the 80/20 rule to maximize efficiency and minimize stress. Focus on the 80% of known elements and be prepared for the 20% of unknowns. Accept that some things will stay uncertain. Be ready to adapt as needed.

Prioritizing Tasks

Do tasks that can be done early. This will cut the Sunday morning workload. This includes tasks like stage plots and equipment setup. Save energy and focus for handling unexpected changes and last-minute adjustments.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Prepare well. This will let the team be flexible and responsive to changes during the service. Be ready for changes. Expect and plan for extra instruments, singers, or other unforeseen needs. Maintain flexibility. Good preparation allows quick adaptation to plan B or sudden changes.

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