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Mixing Vocals on the DM7

Jeff and Russ demonstrate different vocal mixing techniques on the Yamaha DM7, focusing on mixing background and lead vocals for a band. Learn how to blend individual vocal tonalities into a harmonious group sound and how to process them using the console’s features.

Key Points:
  • It’s important to maintain each singer’s individual tonality while achieving a cohesive group sound. The use of a DCA for easy access and control over the background vocal group is a great way to do this.
  • Each background vocalist should be processed individually, using high-pass filters, EQ, and dynamic compression to refine each voice.
  • Panning the background vocals can help create spatial separation and a stereo image, enhancing the group’s harmony.
  • The lead vocalist requires a balance in using a high-pass filter to maintain the vocal’s natural color while mitigating PA bleed and low-mid tones.
  • Jeff and Russ explore a dual compressor setup on the lead vocal, including using a Portico compressor plugin for additional control over dynamics.
  • Dive into the selection and application of reverb, particularly a medium vocal plate, to both the background and lead vocals, contributing to a unified and natural sound space.

Mixing vocals on the Yamaha DM7 is incredibly enjoyable, whether you’re enhancing vocal performances through strategic processing, spatial arrangement, or the use of dynamic and effect processing tools available on the console.


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