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Are You "That" Tech Person?

Seeing beyond the technical parts of your role is difficult for any tech team member, especially audio engineers. Serving at church isn’t just about the equipment or the small technical details that can fill your mind. Instead, your focus should be on the shared community and service you get to participate in. Trey Smith and Jeff Sandstrom chat about what this looks like practically and offer advice for you to implement a new perspective when you serve.

The Role Beyond Mixing

People may tend to see audio engineers as the ones who know everything about the service, because of their role. However, it goes much further beyond just the technical duties and extends to the way their role adds to the worship experience and helps the congregation engage.

Preparing For Services

Prayer and spiritual preparation are the most important type of preparation you can do for service. Re-shape your focus to the purpose of facilitating a worship service, rather than just to execute technical responsibilities. This spiritual preparation step ensures that whatever you do, you’re doing with a servant’s heart.

Interacting with the Congregation

Being approachable and helpful to not only those you serve with, but also the congregation as a whole, is essential. Most people will see you as a point of contact simply because you’re the person behind the console. When someone is asking for help, it’s easy to brush them off and turn your focus to the task, but that’s the not the right reaction.
  • Interacting with the congregation is important. Your attitude and helpfulness can greatly affect someone’s experience at church.

The Bigger Picture

The wider role of audio engineers is to see your work as a meaningful part of the worship experience, but also as a meaningful part of your church’s community and spiritual impact. Beyond just technical responsibilities, focus on the relationships and conversations you have with others at your church.