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Seeking Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback can be complex. There are emotional and technical aspects that come with feedback and separating personal identity from professional skills is key. Constructively handle critiques and present feedback as opportunities for continuous improvement for both the individual and the team.

Understanding Feedback

The kind of feedback discussed here isn’t the audio type but rather the personal type. Feedback can feel personal, and this is especially true when one’s identity is tied into their technical skill. Experienced professionals can also have trouble accepting feedback from less experienced people. Across the board, it’s vital to separate personal identity from the feedback given and received.

Constructive Reception of Feedback

Receiving feedback well focuses on not tying your identity solely to the work you do. Separating identity from skill is key to taking feedback well. See feedback as a critique of the task, not a personal criticism. Find truth in feedback even if feedback seems wrong.

Feedback Delivery

Communication should be constructive, not just critical. Acknowledge what was done well and also point out areas for improvement. Timing and context are key. Real-time comments during services can be disruptive and help no one. Find the right space and the right time to give feedback.

Standardize Expectations

Set clear expectations and standards to guide feedback and improve consistency across services. Clear standards are necessary, and a church should have defined sound and production standards. Ensure everyone knows the goals and expectations. Something like quarterly training nights can be implemented to get everyone on the same page about production values and techniques.

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