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Training Volunteers

Dillan & Jeff discuss effective strategies for training volunteers. Their discussion sheds light on the challenges of maintaining skills, while also caring for your team. They also take a look at practical solutions for team cohesion, especially with volunteers who serve infrequently.

Key Points:
  • Many churches lack a formal process for volunteer training. This is crucial for enhancing skills and ensuring that your volunteers feel valued and part of meaningful change.
  • A shadowing system is commonly used for training. However, this can be inefficient for infrequent volunteers who might need a more structured approach to training and skill retention.
  • Introducing tools and resources, such as the MxU platform, can provide structured learning and development opportunities for volunteers. This enhances their skills and confidence in their roles.
  • Pre-training with assignments and resources allows volunteers to become familiar with tasks and equipment before hands-on training. This improves the efficiency of in-person training sessions.
  • A comprehensive training program addresses both technical skills and team dynamics. It uses a mix of online resources and in-person sessions. These include group activities and individual feedback.
  • Providing roles that allow immediate contribution and learning opportunities helps volunteers feel useful and engaged from the start. This promotes a growth mindset and long-term commitment.
  • Encouraging cross-training and feedback among volunteers fosters a collaborative learning environment. Team members support each other's development and strive for excellence together.


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