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Changing the Temperature of Your Team

Communities and teams can change, no matter how positive or negative they may currently feel. Serving well is about more than just doing tasks, it means fostering belonging and teamwork. These improve both personal relationships and the quality of your services.

Community Beyond Tasks

Being a part of a community affects people so much more than just filling roles. Team dynamics should be based on knowing each other beyond the roles team members fill. It’s about creating a cohesive and supportive team. It makes a difference when individuals feel part of something larger and it helps them contribute to a greater sense of fulfillment.

Build Relationships Outside of Service

Key team bonding moments happen outside of formal service times. They can occur during meals or causal gatherings which help build team cohesion. Informal interactions and valuable, whether it’s sharing meals or downtime that builds camaraderie and mutual understanding among team members. The foundation of teamwork should be set in relaxed settings, outside of the busy Sunday morning environment.

Leadership in Fostering Community

Creating chances for team members to bond and support each other outside of Sunday morning is crucial. Or, if it is on Sunday morning, these times should be outside of the heat of the service. Leaders should be intentional about making spaces for teams can talk and interact to build community.

Intense Moments and Feedback

A team can better handle intense service moments with constructive feedback thanks to established personal connections. Knowing team members personally allows for better feedback reception in high-pressure moments. Relational capital is the value of having enough goodwill among team members to navigate through conversations without taking things personally.

Celebrating Team Successes

Recognize and celebrate team achievements to boost morale and reinforce positive team dynamics. Recognition and praise are about regularly acknowledging team members’ contributions to foster a positive work environment and enhance team spirit. Celebrate successes together.

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