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Common Issues with Dante

Andrew, from Summit Integrated Systems, works through some of the common issues that you might encounter while using Dante. He covers key areas of navigation, device setup, patching, and more. Dante Controller helps you smoothly operate your system, manage signal flow, and fix issues.

Key Points:
  • Mixing the primary and backup Dante networks can cause a broadcast storm. To prevent this, make sure network interfaces are set to redundant mode instead of switched.
  • It's important for all devices to work at the same sample rate, usually 48kHz. This helps them work well together and prevents errors.
  • Sometimes, devices may "lose their mind." This requires a simple unpatching and repatching to restore audio flow. For devices significantly out of date, a firmware update may be necessary.
  • To restore the Dante Network, use the preset function in Dante Controller. It creates a snapshot of the system's setup. This makes it easy to restore or change specific routing.
  • Creating presets for different routing setups can make switching between audio configurations faster. This is useful when moving to a virtual soundcheck mode.

This video was produced in partnership with Summit Integrated Systems and is a part of a wide range of videos produced, entitled LINK.


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