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No More Last Minute Changes

The preparation process is vital for you as an audio engineer to be equipped for your church’s services. Focus on the practical steps to improve your workflow and effectiveness on Sunday morning. Know the music, understand the event’s structure, and prepare gear in advance.

Pre-Service Preparation

Before stepping behind the console, it’s important to be well-prepared. Listen to the songs beforehand. Know the service flow and structure prior to Sunday morning. Look for special elements, like videos or announcements. And finally, know your team. Whether it’s the band on stage or those standing next to you in FOH, know who you’re serving with.

Service Specific Needs

Be prepared to adjust your gear and settings based on the specific needs of the service or event. This includes setting up special presets for different musicians or worship leaders. It also involves anticipating the style and dynamics of different band members.
  • The styles of musicians affect how you mix. This is especially true for drummers and worship leaders.
  • Prepare for variability. Be ready to adjust to changes in the arrangement or personnel involved in the service.

Special Events Consideration

For non-regular services, detailed planning and communication is critical. This might involve you being brought into the conversation with those organizing the event. The goal should be for you to fully understand their needs and ask the right questions so you can set yourself and the event up for success.
  • Detailed planning is key. This ensures clarity on the needs for music, videos, and other special additions.
  • Flexibility and preparation are key. Be on your feet, set up extra gear if needed, and be prepared for those last-minute changes.



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