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You Might Not Need a Broadcast Console

The broadcast mixing solution for your church might not be to buy another console specifically for that purpose. Instead, Trey Smith walks through his approach for mixing FOH and broadcast simultaneously. Trey uses the console’s matrix inputs and outputs to manage audience mics, apply EQ and compression, and adjust for delay. He creates a dynamic mix that can serve as a point of reference for you and your church’s broadcast mix.

Matrix Inputs for Dual Mixing

The matrix input page on the console lets you choose and route inputs to outputs, which is essential for managing a simultaneous FOH and broadcast mix. Trey uses the matrix input page to include audience mics in his broadcast mix that won’t affect the FOH mix.
  • Audience mics point towards your crowd, capturing their reactions and the room’s sound. Adding this to your broadcast mix makes it feel more live and less sterile.
  • Audience mics are grouped which allows for collective treatment with EQ and compression. This enhances the overall broadcast sound.

Broadcast Mix Routing

Trey uses a two-mix group with slight compression. He then sends it to various outputs, including the broadcast mix. This ensures that the mix is consistent and remains high-quality. For your church, consider having separate broadcast matrix outputs. This would be used for adding delay and timing adjustments to enhance the live feel of the broadcast.

Delay Compensation

Certain inputs should be delayed, to align with the live sound. This affects audience mics and the overall mix. Add delay to the broadcast mix to align audience mic inputs with the FOH perspective. This makes for a cohesive sound experience.

Manage Your Vocal Effects

Vocal effects help you achieve your desired sound and are crucial when mixing for both FOH and broadcast. Adding different vocal effects to the broadcast mix can help you achieve a certain level of reverb and ambiance to your personal preference.

Gear in This Video:

  • DiGiCo Quantum 338


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