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Smaart Basics & System Requirements

You may have Smaart set up in your church, set up by your integrator to monitor the room. But, do you know the depths of its capabilities? Jeff Sandstrom and Joe Henson dive into the best practices on how to use Smaart. They start by explaining what Smaart is and the system & hardware requirements.

Smaart Software

Jeff Sandstrom and Joe Henson dive into the basics of what Smaart is and how it can be used for you and your church. Smaart can be deployed and used in various ways, but it’s most typically used at FOH to visualize what you’re hearing. Smaart can be used to diagnose issues with your current PA system, or to help you set up a new one.


You’ll need the Smaart software, made by Rational Acoustics. For in depth training, Rational Acoustics offers certification courses. Other components include an interface, a microphone - preferably with a quick release, an SPL calibrator, and a microphone stand.

Multiple Microphones

Over the course of a large area that your speakers are pointing at, there will be differences in how the sound carries to those locations. Using multiple microphones across your room will help you get a better measure of the average of what the PA is doing across the room. You don’t want to base all of your measurements off of one seat, especially if different areas of your room have different physical features.

Gear in This Video

  • Audient EVO 8
  • Earthworks M30
  • dbx RTA-M
  • Manfrotto 5001B