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Basic Effects Course Trailer

Phil Bledsoe, FOH engineer for Sam Hunt, discusses effects at a basic level and shows what they can do for your mix. Phil covers it all from dialing in your reverb by adjusting its’ specific parameters to adding delay for emphasis on certain parts of your mix. Create depth, cohesion, and life in your mix simply by using effects.


Whether it’s plate, hall, arena, chamber, or another - each different type of reverb can affect your mix in a different way. Choose the right reverb type based on your desired sound. Phil walks through these types of reverb and the parameters used to adjust them. These parameters include pre-delay and decay time, among others.


Much like reverb, delay comes in different shapes and sizes as well. Whether it’s a single echo or a doubler, delay can be applied creatively to emphasize specific parts of your mix. Delay has its own parameters that Phil shows how to adjust to achieve your desired sound. These include time and feedback, among others.

Wet vs. Dry

In both reverb and delay, wet signals are the processed signals and dry signals are original. Balancing these creates a cohesive sound contributing to a better mix without drowning out your original inputs. Phil applies reverb and delay to his own live mix and walks through the steps involved to do just that.

Find Your Sound

Experiment, push the limits, turn those knobs all the way just to see what happens. Discover the full potential of the effects you have available to you simply by overdoing it and bringing it back to where it sounds good to you. Experimenting is key to learning how these effects can help shape your mix.