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Building a Drum Kit

Chris from Thrive Worship discusses how to pick drum gear for your church. There’s many options for each piece of your drum kit from snares to cymbals and more. There’s pros and cons to every option but the main goal is to be versatile, especially when playing modern worship music.

Understanding Your Options

Choosing the right drum kit for your church will ultimately be the biggest challenge. What Chris presents as his solution for Thrive Worship & Bayside Church might not be what works for your environment.

Versatility in Drum Selection

Your kit should allow you to adapt to different worship styles. Chris typically uses a Collector Series kit with 10, 12, 16 and 18 inch toms which provides options for different song styles.

Snare Drum

Your snare drum is a crucial component, offering various tuning options for different styles. Chris prefers a Ludwig Black Beauty for its versatility and ability to be tuned for any playing style from funk to R&B to gospel or a big worship sound.

Cymbal Selection

This is largely based on your desired sound and the room size. Adjust the cymbal size based on the size of your venue. For example, smaller cymbals provide a balanced sound that fits both uptempo and mid-tempo songs. Larger cymbals might overpower smaller rooms while smaller cymbals can provide better control.

Practical Considerations

Several factors should be taken into account to choose the best drum gear. First, adjust gear based on the number of instruments and overall band setup your church has. Also, select gear that allows for playing at different volumes to suit various worship styles and settings.


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