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Normalizing Gains in Ableton Live

Adjusting clip gain for your tracks in Ableton Live can prove effective to manage songs without affecting the overall track levels. This helps to ensure a balanced sound during live sets.

Understanding Clip Gain Adjustment

When running tracks, it's important to manage individual song levels without altering the entire track. This helps in maintaining the right balance across multiple songs during a live set.

Adjustments for a Specific Song

To address specific volume issues, such as a synth bass being too loud in one song but not others, clip gain adjustment is used. This prevents affecting the overall track volume and only targets the problematic part of the song.

Benefits of Adjusting Clip Gain

It allows for precise adjustments to individual song levels. At the same time, it maintains the overall track volume while addressing specific issues. It also provides front-of-house engineers with the ability to fine-tune parts without compromising the mix.


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