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How to Not Blow Up Your Sound System

You may look at an amplifier and read “1000 Watts” and think you can run an infinite amount of speakers from it. The truth is you can’t and you could blow up your speakers if you do! Jeff and Lee talk with the d&b crew about how to avoid damaging a speaker, and how to know what your speakers can and can't handle.

Key Points:
  • Impedance is the amount of resistance that a loud speaker enclosure puts on an amplifier. The impedance of the speaker or speakers must match what the amplifier can deliver.
  • The more speakers you connect to the amplifier, the lower the impedance. A low impedance isn’t a good thing! Most modern amplifiers have built-in safeguards to protect them from overload.
  • It's important to know what your loud speaker system and amp can handle if you do not want to blow up your system. Even if the amplifier is limiting the signal, you can still damage the speaker by pushing the limiter.


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