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Sweetening Your Vocals with EQ

Take the next step in making your vocals sound even better. Employing unique EQ techniques, and using gear like the Manly VoxBox, will produce better results with color and saturation in your vocals. It’s crucial to blend vocals seamlessly with the band, ensuring clarity and harmony in the mix.

Key Points:
  • EQ techniques for lead vocals include the balancing act of using both the VoxBox and the console’s EQ to refine the vocal’s tone. Focus on high-pass filtering, low and high-frequency changes, and mid-frequency dip. These changes ensure vocal clarity and presence.
  • Background vocal EQ might be more or less aggressive than the lead vocal, depending on their role in the harmony and the mix. Aim to emphasize the parts they’re singing without overwhelming the lead vocal.
  • After tweaking each part, the vocals should blend smoothly with the band. Adjust levels and EQ settings for a balanced blend. The goal is harmony between vocals and instruments.
  • Apply EQ and basic level settings. Then, the name of the game is to refine with gates, compression, reverb, and group processing. Lastly, fine-tune to ensure a seamless mix.


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