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Console Overview on the SQ7

Jeff gives an overview of the Allen & Heath SQ7, explaining the differences between the consoles in the SQ series and the main qualities of the SQ7.

Key Points:
  • The SQ series has 3 different models, the SQ5, SQ6, and SQ7. All three in the series are a 48 input by 36 bus architecture running at 96K native. The difference between the three is the physical size, fader count, and physical IO count.
  • The SQ7 is the largest in the SQ series, and is physically speaking the most feature-rich.
  • Like other Allen & Heath consoles, there are user defined “soft-keys” with the SQ7 boasting 16 of them.
  • The SQ7 is a great option for a church looking for an affordable way to have a really good sounding desk.