The Allen & Heath SQ7

14 Videos about 2 hours 101 Audio
Learn the full potential of the Allen & Heath SQ7, whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer or just getting started.

Key Points:
  • Explore the utility section of the SQ7's home screen to monitor diagnostics, manage data, and control recording parameters effectively.
  • Dive deep into the Audio tab to configure USB ports, I/O card slots, clock synchronization, signal generators, and more for optimal audio performance.
  • Master the ganging feature to control various attributes of multiple channels simultaneously, tailoring your control to specific mixing needs.
  • Understand how to create user profiles with customizable permissions to ensure controlled access to the console's functionalities.
  • Learn how to create and manage scenes, control what parameters are allowed or blocked, and utilize visual cues for organized console management.
  • Walk through the routing section to efficiently name input channels, configure direct outs, work with DCAs and mute groups, and optimize channel routing for your mix.
  • Explore the processing screen's functionalities, including channel labeling, gain control, tube preamp options, EQ controls, gate parameters, and compressor settings.
  • Watch Jeff build a mix from scratch in about 40 minutes, providing valuable insights into creating an incredible-sounding mix with the SQ7.

Learn to confidently operate the Allen & Heath SQ7, whether you're working in front of house or monitors, and take your audio mixing to the next level.