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Hi-Hat with Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone walks through the intricate process of hi-hat processing to enhance your drum sound. He focuses on achieving the perfect blend of clarity and texture. He doesn’t rely on compression or gating. He delves into the art of subtle EQ adjustments, and also covers high-pass filtering to craft a hi-hat sound that complements the full drum mix.

Key Points:
  • Andrew’s hi-hat processing technique avoids the use of compression and gating. Instead, he relies on strategic EQ adjustments to shape the sound.
  • A high-pass filter is set at 1.46 kHz, which is a significant aspect of the hi-hat’s sound. You can dynamically automate it to create texture and variation.
  • The only EQ applied to the hi-hat is a single filter at 6.2 kHz, which adds a subtle sparkle to the sound. This demonstrates a minimalist approach to achieving the desired high-end clarity.
  • The interaction between the hi-hat and the full drum mix is critical. The hi-hat should receive minimal processing to maintain its character within the overall mix. It benefits from the natural ambiance captured by under-cymbal and overhead mics.
  • Andrew’s process emphasizes the importance of mic selection and placement. It’s all about capturing the hi-hat sound. His approach shows how different microphones can significantly affect the texture and tone of the hi-hat in the context of the full drum kit.


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