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Fader Layout with Jeff Sandstrom

Jeff Sandstrom dives into console layout and workflow optimization. He explains his thought process for organizing inputs and faders for efficient mixing. Jeff explores practical strategies for simplifying complex setups. He also discusses maximizing productivity in various environments.

Key Points:
  • Simplifying console layouts is essential for navigating unfamiliar setups or venues efficiently. This is especially true when working with different consoles regularly.
  • A festival-style approach to console layout enables quick adaptation and familiarity with the signal flow. This minimizes setup time and potential routing issues.
  • Organizing inputs based on instrument groups facilitates intuitive mixing. It allows audio engineers to access key elements of the mix without confusion or unnecessary adjustments.
  • Creating visual separation between instrument groups enhances muscle memory. It also reduces the risk of reaching for incorrect faders.
  • Using individual faders for stereo instruments provides greater control over tonal balance and spatial imaging. This allows dynamic adjustments to suit different songs or musical styles.
  • Incorporating empty channels as visual cues between instrument groups enhances scanning efficiency. It also streamlines workflow during fast-paced mixing scenarios.
  • Prioritizing vocal and band layers on the console facilitates seamless mixing transitions. This enables audio engineers to focus on critical elements of the mix without unnecessary distractions.
  • Using DCAs (Digitally Controlled Amplifiers) for instrument groups streamlines workflow. It provides quick access to essential faders without manual adjustments.
  • Strategically placing DCAs within easy reach of the audio engineer's hands optimizes workflow efficiency. It allows for seamless transitions between instrument groups and vocal layers.


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