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Time Aligning Your PA System

Time aligning our PA ensures that everyone in the audience is hearing the best sound the can. Having speakers misaligned from another can introduce a slew of phase and timing issues for the listener. Learn how to mitigate and avoid these issues in this video.

Key Points:
  • Understanding and getting the time alignment of your system correct is critical to achieving the desired sound in a room.
  • The goal is to make the arrival time of the multiple audio sources in your space the same in order to avoid phase cancellation or summation.
  • There are multiple ways and schools of thought on how to achieve time alignment in a space. The key is to know how it is affecting the sound and to come up with the best solution for your space and your desired creative outcome.

Pro Tip: Measure your room and test the arrival times of each audio source. Be aware of how the placement of your sources and their arrival times affect the overall sound in your space.


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