Basic Light Rigging

3 Videos 20 minutes 101 Lighting
Discover the art of rigging for live events, or set design at your church. This course is designed to equip you with the foundational skills needed to safely and effectively hand both conventional and intelligent fixtures from trusses. It is important to note that you should ensure every setup you work on is secure, balanced, and compliant with local regulations. Whether you are a beginner looking to enter the field or a seasoned professional aiming to refresh your knowledge, this course covers the technical aspects of rigging and truss management.

Key Points:
  • Learn the correct methods to hang conventional lighting fixtures from trusses. Focus on the importance of secure attachments and weight distribution. This maintains safety and functionality.
  • Gain expertise in rigging intelligent lighting fixtures. They often require complex setups because of their size, weight, and operational needs. Understand how to integrate these advanced fixtures into your truss designs effectively.
  • Learn the techniques required to keep a truss leveled. You need to do this even when hanging multiple fixtures of different weights and sizes.
  • This course will share practical tips and best practices from some of our friends who are experienced professionals in the field. Learn the dos and don'ts of rigging to avoid common pitfalls and ensure the success of your setups.

⚠️ ALWAYS consult properly licensed local experts before performing potentially dangerous work. Safe rigging takes experience and training, and possibly carries licensing and insurance requirements, depending on where you live.