Audio Fundamentals

9 Videos about 1 hour 101 Audio
Dive into world of audio with this audio fundamentals course. We’ve designed this to introduce you to the essentials of sound. You will learn about the physics of sound waves and the intricacies of audio engineering. This course features a series of in-depth videos that cover everything a new audio engineer might need to know. This includes the fundamentals of sound, frequency, wave propagation, and more. Whether you’re starting in a studio setting, or you’re a live engineer at your church, this course lays the foundation for mastering the fundamentals of audio.

Key Points:
  • Begin with the basics of what sound is. Explore how vibrations create sound waves through mediums like air. This results in compressions and rarefactions. This foundational knowledge is crucial for delving deeper into audio production.
  • Learn about frequency, waveform cycles, and their relationship with pitch. Understand how different frequencies affect sound and music. This provides a basis for more advanced audio engineering concepts.
  • Sound waves have characteristics. Distinguish between simple and complex sound waves. Understand how they interact to create harmonics. Discover the importance of the fundamental frequency. Learn its role in shaping the timbre of instruments and voices.
  • Explore how sound waves travel through different mediums. Factors like speed, directionality, and medium impact the propagation of sound. This section also discusses how temperature and humidity affect sound.
  • Understand amplitude's role in determining sound loudness. Learn the different methods to measure amplitude. This includes Peak, Peak to Peak, and RMS measurements. Each serves distinct purposes in audio production.
  • Learn about wavelength, how to calculate it, and its significance in room acoustics. Learn about the quarter wavelength theory. Discover its application in addressing resonance in spaces.
  • Master the components of sound envelopes—Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. Learn how manipulating these elements can alter the quality and character of sound. This happens in both live and studio environments.
  • In audio, understanding the omnipresence of phase is important. Learn how phase alignment or misalignment can drastically affect sound quality. Learn how to manage phase issues effectively.